history blinds

History-blinds is the result of an experimental process where a paradoxical object to design, build and experiment with was given - Urban Camouflage

Camouflage has a long history from the evolutionary development from a Leopard’s spots to military uses to conceal vehicles, buildings, equipment and people. New digital and material technologies allow us to creatively show, hide and confuse the form and function of products for innovative potential. Full, partial or evolving concealment can offer new innovative possibilities for the products we use. 

Urban Our cities and media are awash with stories about new developments and resistance to the visual image of large shopping malls, motorways, train lines and skyscrapers. Explore the interface between where and how we view these constructions to look at how could modify or personalise our image of buildings.

 How can we temporarily hide or show something? What is the difference between camouflage and distraction?

By conducting a series of experiments and exploring our hypothesis we curated our own project and came up with history blinds. A visual way to look at history through reality?