Misfortune Teller is a playful arcade game which invites the user to touch the trap the bird-man is carrying... If the user is curious and unfortunate enough he will get shocked!

 Modern robots can trace their roots to primitive automata and other mechanical devices that first came about in the Middle Ages and the ancient world. Many of these creations were mere curiosities, offering little in the way of utility, but later machines were working biomechanical wonders that also took the form of humans and animals, and used weights, water or ingenious clockwork systems of springs and levers to perform simple actions.

 The project is looking for creative joy elsewhere and stealing, improving and interpreting effectively. Part of this is about holding back from banging out concepts and taking a richer look at original source material and part of it is about celebrating the beautiful lateral processes that our mind will use when exposed to novelty. Your mind can often take you somewhere better without you planning so hard and having more exploratory curiosity.


misfortune-teller fairy tale

For almost a century now, it was believed that the teller was not a bird, not a man but a total myth. You see, the story began with a promise that should never have been made - a controlling old man wandered the earth with a wise old bird propped over his shoulder in a gilded cage. The man was just the messenger, it as the bird who granted wishes.  On one long journey, they met a young man who had many things and wished for many more, often at others expense. When minor hardships befell him, he would become angry and desperate. On one such day he made an offer that should never have been made.  He said to the bird, ‘I don’t want what I have. I want what I don’t have. Please, if you take my hardships away, I will carry your woes along with me. And, in that moment, the bird with a gift saw a chance to be free. He granted the wish indeed.  The young man became both the bird and master. Destined to wander the world seeing into people’s futures and carrying the burden of that knowledge along with him. The cage heaves with the weight of knowledge as the teller invites you to ask a question about your future. Reach into the cage to push the button and have your future revealed.